Exiting the crisis

Peter Westin, Economist, Senior economist, ATON Capital Group

1968 - Born in Stockholm, Sweden
1993 - Graduates, university of Lund, Sweden
1994 - Receives master’s degree in East European economics, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London
1994 - Adjunct lecturer, University of Surrey, Guildford, England
1998 - Senior economist, Russian European Centre for Economic Policy, Moscow
2000 - Chief analyst, Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, Sweden
2001 - Chief economist, Aton Capital, Moscow
2005 - Chief economist, MDM Bank, Moscow
2007 - PhD in economics, School of Slavonic and east European Studies, University College London
2007 - Head of equity strategy for Russia and Turkey, J.P. Morgan, Moscow
2009 - Senior economist, Aton Capital Group, Moscow

The first signs of world economic recovery are undermining the dollar. The US currency is falling victim to an unprecedented budget deficit and near-zero interest rates. Is the demise of the US dollar as a world number one currency inevitable? How long will it take? What could it mean for the Russian economy? We’ll be talking about these and other economic issues with economist Peter Westin.