Eurasia smashes barriers

Sergey Glazyev, Executive Secretary, Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia

1961 - Born in Ukraine, USSR
1983 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1986 - Receives masters degree, Central Institute of Economy and Mathematics, USSR Academy of Sciences
1990 - Becomes youngest person ever to receive a PhD in economic science in the Soviet Union
1991 - Deputy head, Committee for International Economic Relations
1991 - First deputy minister of External Economic Relations
1992 - Russian External Economic Relations Minister
1994 - State Duma deputy and chairman, State Duma Economic Policy Committee
1996 - Head, economic Security Department, Federation Council of Russia
1996 - Head, Analytical Department, Federation Council of Russia
2000 - Corresponding member, Russian Academy of Sciences
2002 - Joins State Duma Credit Organizations and Financial Markets Committee
2004 - Runs for Russian presidency
2003 - Chairman, National Institute of Development
2004 - Head, 'For a Decent Life' public organization
2009 - Executive secretary, Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia

On the 1-st of January, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will unify their customs tariffs. What may be the consequence for the economies of the three involved - and - other countries?
The Executive Secretary of the new Customs Union should certainly know the answer...