Estonia: Genocide that never was

Aleksandr Dyukov, Historian

1978 - Born in Moscow
2004 - Graduates, Moscow State Institute for History and Archives, Russian State University for Humanities
2004 - Editor, Military Technical Cooperation magazine
2005 - Output Editor, information agency Arms-TASS
2007 - Freelancer, Russian Project and Regnum information agency
2007 - Publishes his first book, “Myth about Genocide: Repression of the Soviet Authorities in Estonia”
2007 - Publishes his second book, “What the Soviet People Fought for”

In September, last year, 88-years-old Arnold Meri was charged of genocide of his fellow countrymen back in 1949. In December, the European court of Human Rights took for examination the claim of Vasily Kononov, an 84-year-old former Soviet partisan, against the Latvian government - for charging him with war crimes. But were there indeed facts of genocide of Estonian people and war crimes committed by the Soviets against the Baltic peoples? To answer this question, our guest today is historian Aleksandr Dyukov.