Ernst-Joerg Von Studnitz, Chairman, German-Russian Forum, Berlin, German Ambassador to Russia, 1995-2002

1937 - born in Berlin
1956 - law studies, Heidelberg, Berlin and Kiel Universities
1962 - exchange student, Indiana University Law School, Bloomington
1960 - practical legal training and major state law examination
1966 - Doctorate in Law
1967 - attaché, German Foreign Office
1969 - First Secretary, German Embassy in Moscow, Soviet Union
1973 - Consul General, German Embassy in Ankara, Turkey
1976 - desk officer for Italy, German Foreign Office
1977 - personal assistant to State Secretary
1980 - First Counsellor, political affairs, German Permanent Mission to the United Nations, New York
1983 - director of NATO Affairs, German Foreign Office
1984 - director of U.S. Affairs, German Foreign Office
1986 - Minister Counsellor, Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany to the GDR
1990 - Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Eastern Europe
1995 - German Ambassador to Russia
2002 - Chairman, German-Russian Forum, Berlin
Today we will talk about the annual Summit of the 8 most industrialized countries. This time the Leaders of the G8 group are getting together in Heiligendamm in Germany on June 6. What will they be talking about? Is there continuity between the commencing summit and the previous one, which took place in St. Petersburg, Russia?  And what are the new issues and challenges? To answer these questions, joining us from a studio in Germany, is Dr. von Studnitz.