Drugs abuse:confess and win

Pop singer and promoter of drugs-free life Vlad Topalov

1985 - Born in Moscow
1990 - Starts music career as an artist in the youth band 'Neposedy'
2001 - Part of popular musical act 'Smash!!'
2003 - 'Smash!!' releases album 'Freeway'
2004 - 'Smash!!' releases second album ‘2night’
2006 - Graduates, Russian State Humanitarian University
2006 - Starts solo career and signs contract with ‘Grammaphon Music’
2006 - Releases new album ‘Odynokaya Zvezda’ (Lonely Star)

Today’s topic is about drugs. June 26 is International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. In Russia, 80 people die every day from drugs and another 250 people daily become addicts. Can anti-drug campaigns improve the situation? One such campaigner is pop singer Vlad Topalov who, by his own confession, used to be a drug user himself. He is the guest in our studio today.