Does NATO need or want to change?

Dmitry Rogozin

Russian representative to NATO

1963 - born in Moscow
1986 - graduate, Moscow State University
1988 - graduate, Marxism-Leninism University
1990 - first vice president, RAU-Corporation Scientific Research and Educational Organisation
1990 - president, Young Political Leaders of Russia Association, Forum-90
1993 - founder and head, International Congress Of Russian Communities
1996 - PhD in philosophy, Moscow State University
1997 - State Duma deputy
2003 - chairman, Rodina (Motherland) Electoral Bloc
2004 - chairman, State Duma Committee on International Affairs
2008 - Russian representative to NATO

Today we will talk about Russian-NATO relations. Both sides seem to be ready to return to a full political dialogue and military cooperation. So can the RESET button be pushed in NATO-Russian relations? Or are there too many obstacles and misunderstanding to be overcome? We’ll be talking about it with Dmitry Rogozin, the Russian representative to NATO.