Dmitry Sklyarov, Information Security Expert

Dmitry Sklyarov
Information security expert, Associate Professor, Information Security Department, Bauman Moscow State Technical University
1974 - born in Moscow
1995 - engineer, Centre for Applied Geoinformatics, Terra-Space
1998 - graduates, Bauman Moscow State Technical University
1998 - programmer, Axiom International, Moscow
2000 - IT security analyst, ELCOMSOFT, Moscow
2001 - arrested on July 16, Las Vegas
2001 - released on August 6, Northern California
2002 - Associate Professor, Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Recently Estonia has been subject to massive cyber attacks on Web sites of the government, banks, telecommunications companies, Internet service providers and news organizations. Computer security specialists called it an unprecedented and well organized assault on the electronic infrastructure. There are speculations it is originating in Russia. The alleged reason revenge for Estonia's relocation of a Soviet war memorial. Russian officials firmly deny any government involvement.

Is computer hacking becoming a political weapon? And how does it work? To answer this question we should have had a hacker in this studio - but hackers prefer to keep out of the Spotlight. Spotlight managed to find a unique person - one of the best specialists in the world in dealing with closed information systems who doesn't hide his face from the camera - Information Security Expert Dmitry Sklyarov.