Democratizing international relations

Federico Mayor Zaragoza, President, Foundation for a Culture of Peace

1934 - Born in Barcelona
1958 - Graduates, Complutense University of Madrid
1963 - Biochemistry professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Granada
1968 - Rector, University of Granada
1973 - Professor of biochemistry, Community of Madrid
1974 - Co-founder, Severo Ochoa Centre of Molecular Biology, Autonomous University of Madrid and High Council for Scientific Research
1974 - Spanish Undersecretary of Education and Science
1977 - Deputy for Granada Region, Union of Democratic Centre, Spanish Parliament
1978 - Deputy Director General, UNESCO
1981 - Spanish Minister of Education and Science
1987 - Deputy, Democratic and Social Centre, European Parliament
1987 - Director General, UNESCO
1999 - President, Foundation for a Culture of Peace
2002 - Chair, European Research Council Expert Group
2005 - Co-president, High Level Group, Alliance of Civilizations

Professor Federico Mayor Zaragoza is a respected figure in Spain and abroad for his tireless work for peace and development. He gained widespread international recognition as Director-General of UNESCO. Today he is the guest in our studio to answer questions about peace and international efforts to secure the future of the world.