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Daniel Christman, Senior Vice President for International Affairs, U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

1943 - Born in Ohio
1965 - Graduates, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York
1969 - Graduates, Princeton University
1983 – District Engineer, U.S. Army
1986 - Graduates, George Washington University Law School
1991 - Head, Strategic Planning Group during Gulf War
1991 –Commandant, U.S. Army Engineering School, Missouri
1993 - Member, NATO Military Committee in Brussels, Belgium
1994 - Assistant to Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon
2001 - Joins Board of Directors, Mykrolis
2001 - PresidentaAnd Executive Director, Kimsey Foundation, Washington D.C.
2001 - Retires from Active Duty
1996 - Superintendent, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York
2003 - Military Analyst during Operation Iraqi Freedom, CNN International
2003 - Presiding Director, Board of Directors, Mykrolis
2003 - Senior Vice President of International Affairs, U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

Russia has been bidding for the accession to the World Trade Organization since 1993, but still hasn’t achieved this goal. The biggest breakthrough in negotiations was the agreement with the US, signed last November. The United States has been one of the most difficult negotiators for Russia. Why was it so and what other obstacles on the way into the WTO Russia is yet to face? To answer this and other questions concerning trade relations between Russia and the USA, our guest today is MR. Daniel Christman.