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Dani Levy, film director

1957 - Born in Basel, Switzerland
1970 - clown and acrobat, Basilisk circus
1977 - joins Basel State Theatre
1980 - moves to Berlin
1980 - member, Rote Grutze Theatre, Berlin
1985 - writes, directs and stars in "Du mich auch"
1988 - writes, directs and stars in "Robbykallepaul"
1990 - film Director, "Abgeschleppt"
1991 - writes, directs and stars in "I was on Mars"
1993 - directs and stars in "ohne mich"
1994 - founder, production and distribution company, X-filme Creative Pool
1995 - writes and stars in "Silent night"
1999 - writes, directs and stars in "The giraffe"
2001 - writes and directs, "I'm the father"
2002 - writes and directs, Hanna und ihr Papa documentary
2004 - writes and directs, "Go for zucker"
2007 - director, "Mein Fuhrer: the truly truest truth about Adolf Hitler"

The 29th Moscow international festival, which is on the way these days, is featuring a movie called "My Führer - The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler". It has already sparked a national debate in Germany. The critics and the public asks: How proper is it to laugh at one of the most horrible dictators in world history? How helpful is satire in understanding the phenomenon of Nazism? We will ask these questions the director of the movie - Dani Levy.