Crisis hits charities?

Maria Chertok, Director, Charities Aid Foundation, Russian branch, Member, Board of Directors, Russian Donors Forum

1971 - Born in Moscow
1990 - Lecturer and manager, research programmes in contemporary philosophy, sociology and political sciences, School of Cultural Politics
1993 - Masters in sociology, Moscow State University
1994 - Graduates, School of Cultural Politics 
1995 - Receives PhD, Russian Cultural Science Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
1993 - Editor, two publications on the problems of legal reform in the Russian legal academy
1996 - Consultant, Russian office of the Ford Foundation
1997 - Manager, charities aid foundation, Russian-British collaboration in the non-profit sector
1999 - Head, grant department, Charities Aid Foundation, Russia
2002 - Deputy Director, Charities Aid Foundation, Russia
2005 - Director, Charities Aid Foundation, Russia

At the time of economic troubles, the most vulnerable groups of society are the first to suffer. The problem that the organisations which help out the poor, orphans, disabled etc – that is charities – themselves fall victim of the economic crisis… Are the charities and social workers ready to face the grim consequences of the economic crisis? We’ll be talking about it with Maria Chertok, Director of the Charities Aid Foundation Russian Branch.