Credit crunch: risks and opportunities

Logan Mck. Cheek III, Investor

1938 - Born in Glasgow, Kentucky
1960 - Graduates, Cornell University
1961 - Teaching assistant in Soviet economic development and American labour history, Cornell University
1961 - Graduate studies, industrial relations and quantitative economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1961 - Graduate studies, Harvard graduate school of business administration, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1963 - Graduate studies, industrial relations and quantitative economics, Cornell University
1968 - Manager of personal research, Chas. Pfizer & Co., New York
1969 - Associate, McKinney and co., New York and Düsseldorf
1972 - Group programme manager, Xerox corporation
1979 - Joins Pittsford Ventures Management, LLC

Having started with the U.S. mortgage crisis, the financial crisis is now an ominous presence around the world. What consequences will this crisis have for the emerging markets of the BRIC countries and especially for Russia? We’ll talk about it to Logan Mck. Cheek III, the Senior Managing Director of Pittsford Ventures Management Inc.