Cost of the Kyoto Protocol

Jeroen Ketting, Business expert

1971 – Born in Holland
1994 – Moves to Moscow
1996 – Graduates, Leiden Academic University
1998 – Founder and managing director, Lighthouse

Sergey Sitnikov, Business expert

1980 – Born in Chelyabinsk
2003 – Graduates, law faculty, Moscow State University
2003 – Admitted to practice law in Russia
2007 – Receives PhD, Moscow State University
2007 – Visiting professor, Moscow State University of International Relations

Today we will talk about the Kyoto Protocol. Climate change presents a choice between sustainable economic growth and turmoil, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told business leaders at the recent climate summit in New York City. The Kyoto Protocol is one of the greatest attempts taken so far by the international community to stop climate change. How does it affect businesses, economies in general and the Russian economy in particular? We’ll be discussing this with business experts Jeroen Ketting and Sergey Sitnikov.