Conflict: Western perception

Former UK Ambassador to Russia Sir Roderick Lyne

1948 - Born in England
1970 - Graduates, leads university
1970 - Joins diplomatic service
1972 - Third Secretary, British Embassy, Moscow
1976 - Desk officer, Eastern European and Soviet Department, Foreign Office
1990 - Head of the Soviet Department, Eastern Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
1997 - UK permanent representative to the UN, Geneva
1993 - Diplomatic advisor to the Prime Minister, UK
2000 - British Ambassador to Russia
2006 - Non-executive Director, Accor, France

Today we will talk about Russian and Western perceptions of the conflict in South Ossetia. President Medvedev said that August, 8 - the day when Georgia attacked S.Ossetia - means as much for Russians as 9/11 for Americans. In 2001 the world felt the threat of terrorism. And in 2008, the world security system became obsolete. The guest to tell us more is a Former UK Ambassador to Russia Sir Roderick Lyne…