Commemorating Yury Gagarin

Viktor Gorbatko, Soviet cosmonaut , Hero of the Soviet Union

1934 – Born in Krasnodar region

1952 – Serves in the army
1953 – Graduates, Pavlograd Air Force School
1956 – Graduates, Batai Pilots Air Force School
1968 – Graduates, Air Force Engineering Academy
1969 – Takes part in first space mission on Soyuz 7
1977 – Crew member, Soyuz 24 space mission
1978 – Deputy head, Gagarin cosmonauts training centre
1980 – Crew member, Soyuz 37 space mission
1982 – Teaches, Air Force Engineering Academy, Moscow
1982 – First deputy chairman, Sports Committee on International Sports Relations, USSR Defence Ministry
1987 – Faculty head, Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy
1992 – Aviation major general

Today we will talk about Yuri Gagarin. On 12 April 1961, he became the first human in space. Seven years later he died tragically in a crash during a training flight. On March 9, Gagarin would have turned 75. What kind of person was he? Why was he selected to become the first man in space? We’ll be talking about it with his personal friend and colleague, one of the first cosmonauts, Victor Gorbatko.