Clinton’s charm offensive

Nargiz Asadova, Journalist

1980 - Born in Libya
2004 - Graduates, Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University
2004 - Joins international department, Kommersant Daily
2006 - Observer, Kommersant-Vlast magazine
2007 - Joins RIA Novosti news agency
2007 - Moves to the U.S., and later covers the presidential election
2009 - Moves back to Moscow

Fred Weir, Correspondent, Christian Science Monitor, Journalist

1951 - Born in Toronto
1984 - Graduates, University of Toronto
1985 - Graduates, Ontario College of Education
1986 - Moves to Moscow
1986 - Embarks on journalism career as a correspondent for the Canadian Tribune
1990 - Correspondent, Canadian Press Agency, Moscow
1998 - Correspondent, Christian Science Monitor, Moscow

Today we will talk about the latest developments in Russia-US relations. On her first official visit to Moscow, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has brought a wide array of issues to discuss with her Russian counterparts, including arms control, missile defense and Iran. After Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his "extraordinary" efforts to reduce the global stockpile of nuclear weapons and bring world peace, the question remains - are Russia-US relations really on the path of improvement. To talk about the issues that Russia and the US may be about to solve, our guests today are journalists, Nargiz Asadova and Fred Weir...