Climate change challenges

Pauline Shearman, Head of Europe and Eurasia for the International Group at the Confederation of British Industry and her colleague Matthew Farrow, Head of Energy and Transport.

Matthew Farrow

1968 - Born in London
1989 - Graduates, Cambridge University
1990 - Joins Confederation of British Industry
1999 - Head of policy, Confederation of British Industry
2004 - Head of energy and transport, Confederation of British Industry

Pauline Shearman

1958 - Born in the UK
1982 - Graduates, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London
1983 - Postgraduate studies in East West Trade, University of London
1985 - Joins London Chamber of Commerce
1991 - Joins Confederation of British Industry
1997 - Head of Europe and Eurasia, international group, Confederation of British Industry

Today we will talk about climate change. Leaders of 16 major economies have recognized the danger climate change poses and the “extraordinary global response” required to meet its challenges. The G8 countries have also agreed to reduce emissions by 80 per cent by the year 2050, but there were no commitments on emissions reduction targets. Do we still have time to prevent global disaster which can be caused by climate change? And - what should be done immediately? We’ll be talking about this with Pauline Shearman and Matthew Farrow - of the Confederation of British Industry...