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CIS military: allies or partners?

Aleksandr Sinaisky, Lieutenant General, Secretary, Council of CIS Defence Ministers
Lieutenant General

1952 - Born in Frunze (USSR), today known as Bishkek
1969 - Joins armed forces
1973 - Graduates, Novosibirsk Combined Arms College
1981 - Graduates, Military Political Academy
1984 - Completes postgraduate studies, Military Political Academy
1992 - Receives doctorate, international relations department, Military Political academy
1993 - Graduates, Royal College of Defence Studies, London
1993 - Department head, Academy of Economics, finance and law
1995 - Deputy head of scientific studies, Russian Defence Ministry Military University
1999 - Secretary, council of CIS defence ministers

The NATO war games are scheduled to take place in Georgia between May 6 and June 1. This plan has angered Moscow, but some other CIS countries, such as Russia’s ally Armenia, are willing to take part in the drills. Is the military co-operation of the ex-Soviet nations possible?

We’ll be discussing this issue with Aleksandr Sinaisky, the Secretary of the CIS Defence Ministers Council.