China earthquake: the search for survivors

Kirill Borodin, Head of the Search and Rescue Unit, Emergencies Ministry

1967 – Born in Moscow region
1988 – Participates in first rescue operation, Spitak earthquake, Armenia
1991 – Graduates, Geological Research Institute
1992 – Joins search and rescue unit, Emergencies Ministry
1995 – Participates in humanitarian operation, Chechnya
1999 – Team member, rescue operation, Izmir earthquake, Turkey
2000 – Head, Search and Rescue Unit, Emergencies Ministry, Zhukovsky
2002 – Rescuer, Nord-Ost theatre siege, Moscow
2008 – Rescuer, China earthquake rescue operation

According to the latest estimates, the death toll from the earthquake in China has risen to more than 55,000. Rescue work has stopped on hundreds of collapsed buildings in devastated towns and villages. Russian rescuers have completed their work in the city of Dujiangyan. We’re talking to a Russian rescuer who returned from China. Our guest is Kirill Borodin, the Head of the Search and Rescue Unit at the Emergencies Ministry.