China changing leadership

Evgeny Bazhanov – President, Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy
Dmitry Kosyrev – Expert on China

In less than 10 years, China is about to become the world’s largest economy. If the forecast is right, it will happen during the rule of the people, elected these days at the National Communist Party Congress. It won’t be that easy for them to keep the country growing, however. The Chinese economy has several weak points – corruption, for example, or the growing dependency on imported resources. At the same time political pressure is growing either from outside or from inside, where millions are discontent with human rights violations and lack of freedom. So will the new Chinese leadership stand the test of time? Where will they take their country? We’ll discuss with Evgeny Bazhanov, president of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy, and Dmitry Kosarev, journalist, political analyst and expert on China.