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Chechen President: “I’d rather keep bees”

Ramzan Kadyrov, President of the Chechen Republic

1976 - Born in Chechnya
1996 - Assistant to Chechen leader, Akhmad Kadyrov
1996 - Head, Security Service, Akhmad Kadyrov
2002 - Head, Ramzan sports club
2002 - Militia Communications Commander
2003 - Head, Presidential Security Service, Chechen Republic
2004 - Assistant to Interior Minister of Chechen Republic
2004 - First Deputy Prime Minister, Chechen Republic
2004 - Chairman, Akhmad Kadyrov regional public fund
2004 - Advisor to Russian President's representative in Southern Federal district
2004 - Graduates, Makhachkala Business and Law Institute
2004 - Awarded Hero of Russia medal
2005 - Acting President, Chechen Republic
2005 - Acting Prime Minister, Chechen Republic
2006 - Head, Government Anti-Narcotics Commission, Chechen Republic
2006 - Prime Minister, Chechen Republic
2007 - President, Chechen Republic

Would Chechnya be on your list of countries to visit? The Chechen Republic is going through times of renaissance. After the war conflict, economy is recovering and life is getting back on its track. The Chechen government says the Republic is open for tourism. Would you like to go? The President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov is on Spotlight to tell us more.