Challenges for nuclear superpowers

James Collins, Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Director, Russian and Eurasian Programme, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

1961 - Graduates, Harvard University
1964 - MA in history, Indiana University
1965 - Exchange student, Moscow State University
1973 – Posted to Moscow as second secretary, U.S. embassy, Moscow
1987 - Staff member, director for intelligence policy, national Security Council
1990 - Deputy chief of mission, U.S. embassy, Moscow
1991 - Charge d'affaires, U.S. embassy, Moscow
1997 - U.S. ambassador to Russia
2007 - Director and senior associate, Russian and Eurasian programme, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Russia and the US are trying to improve bilateral relations. This includes not only a new round of talks on strategic arms reduction, but also tackling the international challenges which call for joint efforts by world powers. We will be talking about these challenges with the outstanding diplomat and Former US Ambassador to Russia, James Collins