Boris Sokolov, a legendary frontline cameraman

Boris Sokolov
Front-line Cameraman
Great Patriotic War Veteran
1920 - Born in St. Petersburg
1941 - Graduates, All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography
1941 - Joins Moscow studio of documentaries
1944 - Front-line cameraman, sent by Central Studio of Documentaries
1949 - Cameraman, Lithuanian news-reel studio
1955 - Cameraman, “Mosfilm” Cinema Concern
1958 - Senior Cameraman, Moscow Television Centre
1981 - Retires
Not one parade or demonstration went on without this man and his camera that had been by his side for about 40 years, 20 of which were dedicated to  Russian cinema. Boris Sokolov was a front-line cameraman during the Great Patriotic War. After graduating from the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography and being a part of the first military graduate class he was evacuated from the Moscow news reel studio where he worked after  graduating and was sent to Almaty to film the home front  documentaries. After the war was over Capitan Sokolov joined the Lithuanian documentaries studio as a cameraman and later the “Mosfilm” Cinema Concern. He retired in 1981 as a Senior Cameraman of the Moscow Television Centre after spending 23 years there. Capitan Sokolov was awarded 4 orders and 20 medals for his achievements. He is also a knight of the order of Peter the Great.

Russia is celebrating the 62nd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The bloodshed became the most horrible page in history. During all the war, frontline cameramen came along with the Soviet Soldiers side by side. Boris Sokolov, a legendary frontline cameraman, is on Spotlight to tell us more