Boris Kagarlitsky, Director, Institute of Globalisation Studies and Social Movements

1958 - Born in Moscow
1970 - Becomes involved in politics
1988 - Coordinator, Moscow People's Front
1990 - Deputy, Moscow city Soviet
1992 - founding member, Party of Labour and adviser to Chairman, Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia
1994 - Senior research fellow, Institute of Comparative Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
2003 - Director, Institute of Globalization Studies
2007 - Director, Institute of Globalization Studies and Social Movements

Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, is on visit to Russia, already for the 6th time. The talks will be focusing on bilateral trade and economic relations. The Venezuelan president, who is known as an outspoken critic of the U.S. foreign policy, is expected to sign substantial deals on Russian arms deliveries to Venezuela. How come that the relations between Russia and this Latin American country have become so intense? Is it all business or there is a geopolitical aspect? To answer these questions, our guest today is Boris Kagarlitsky.