Award winning business

Evgeny Kaspersky, antivirus expert, Chief Executive Officer, Kaspersky Lab

1964 - Born in Novorossiysk
1989 - Begins studying computer viruses
1991 - Graduates, University of Cryptography, Informatics and Communication
1991 - Joins Kami Information Technology Centre
1996 - Co-founder, Kaspersky Lab
2007 - Chief executive officer, Kaspersky Lab

Today we meet a Russian whose brains are in the very heart of most computers. He is a real New Russian – a man that preferred hi-tech innovative research to oil trading and has created hundreds of revolutionary software products. He built his business on marketing a breakthrough antiviral computer protection programme, and he was among scientists, authors, artists and cosmonauts who received the Russian 2008 State award. Evgeny Kaspersky is our guest in the Spotlight studio.