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Arms scandal

Vadim Kozyulin, Expert, Conventional Arms Programme Director, PIR Centre

1965 - Born in Moscow
1990 - Graduates, Moscow State Institute of International Relations
1990 - Officer, Russian Foreign Ministry
1994 - Research fellow, PIR centre
2001 - Conventional arms programme director
2004 - Professor, Academy of Military Science

Georgy Bovt, Political analyst, Member of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy

1960 - Born in Moscow
1982 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1986 - Receives PhD
1992 - Graduates, Columbia University, New York
1992 - Joins Kommersant daily newspaper
2004 - Editor-in-Chief, Rodionova publishing house
2007 - Editor-in-Chief, Russky Mir magazine

The Ukrainian parliament is currently investigating the allegation that Ukraine is involved in the illegal arms trade. The Ukrainian weapons delivered to Georgia on the eve of the South Ossetian war were used for the killing of Russian citizens and peacekeepers. The arms trade in Ukraine is under direct presidential control. What consequences will this scandal have for President Yushchenko who is now threatening to dissolve the Parliament? We’ll discuss it with Vadim Kozyulin, the Conventional Arms Programme Director at the PIR Centre and Georgy Bovt, a member of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy.