Ariel Cohen, Political scientist, Senior research fellow, The Heritage Foundation

1959 - Born in Yalta
1985 - Manages media research projects, Radio Liberty
1992 - Joins the Heritage Foundation, Washington D.C.
1993 - PhD, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Massachusetts
1995 - Member, Council on Foreign Relations, New York
1995 - Member, Board of Directors, California-Russia Trade Association
1996 - Publishes Russian imperialism: development and crisis
2005 - Publishes second book: Eurasia in balance

Putin and Bush will be holding talks at an estate in Maine - to discuss the Russian president’s proposal to share data obtained from a radar station in Azerbaijan on possible Iranian missile launches. Can we expect some practical results from this meeting of the two leaders? To answer this question, our guest today is Political Scientist, Dr. Ariel Cohen.