Arctic conflict?

Pavel Baev, Arctic expert

1957 - Born in Vladivostok
1979 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1979 - Joins research institute, USSR Defence Ministry
1988 - Receives PhD in international relations
1988 - Head of section for military-political studies, institute of Europe, USSR Academy of Sciences
1992 - Senior researcher, international peace research institute, Oslo (Prio)
1995 - Editor of security dialogue, Prio policy-oriented quarterly journal
2000 - Leader, Prio foreign and security policies programme
2002 - Head, working group, centre for the study of civil war
2006 - Research professor, Prio

Today’s program concerns the Arctic. A race for control of this region has broken out as the Arctic has emerged as a region of vital economic importance. It is estimated that the Arctic holds nearly a quarter of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas reserves. A presence in the Arctic is also considered to be highly important for the country’s defence capabilities. How far could the tensions lead? Are the Arctic nations capable of finding a compromise and peacefully co-existing in the Arctic Circle? We’ll be discussing these questions today with Pavel Baev.