Andris Teikmanis, the Latvian Ambassador to Russia

Andris Teikmanis
Latvian Ambassador to Russia
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Latvia to Russia

1959 - Born in Riga
1983 - Graduates, Latvian State University
1983 - Investigator, Police Board of Riga City
1988 - Judge, Court of Kirov district, Riga
1990 - Chairman, Council of People's Deputies of Riga
1990 - Member, Supreme Council of Latvia
1990 - Chairman, Riga City Council
1994 - Latvian Special Envoy to European Council, Strasbourg
1995 - Latvian Representative, Council of Europe
1998 - Latvian Ambassador to Germany
2000 -Awarded Three Star Order
2002 -Under Secretary of State, Latvian Foreign Ministry
2005 -Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Latvia to Russia
Andris Teikmanis is a leading and considered to be one of the most professional Latvian diplomats. A high level civil servant, he began his career, after graduating from the Latvian State University, as an inspector at the Riga Department of Internal Affairs. After Latvia’s declaration of independence, Teikmanis remained in the Riga city administration and a year later he was selected as Mayor of the city. His diplomatic career began in 1994, when he was assigned to the post of special envoy to the European Council in Strasbourg. A year later, shortly after Latvia’s acceptance into the European Council, he became the permanent representative of his country in the Council of Europe. Three years of successful activity in this post brought a new assignment - the post of the Latvian ambassador to Germany. In 2000, he was awarded Latvia's highest decoration, the Three Star Order, for outstanding merit in a diplomatic field. His reputation as a highly professional diplomat served as the main reason for appointing Teikmanis as the Latvian ambassador to Russia.
On Tuesday, Russia and Latvia are signing a border treaty, putting an end to the territorial dispute between the two. It has taken almost a decade to solve this pressing issue. But how much time will it take to settle the differences over Russian non-citizens in Latvia and Latvia`s attitude towards Russian war veterans? Andris Teikmanis, the Latvian Ambassador to Russia, is on Spotlight to tell us more.