Andrey Lugovoy: latest confession

Andrey Lugovoy, former security officer

1965 - Born in Moscow
1987 - Graduates, Moscow College for Commanders of the Supreme Soviet of Russia
1987 - Joins KGB 9th directorate
1992 - Transferred to Federal Protection Service
1997 - Head of security, ORT television company, Moscow
2001 - Head and co-owner, group of companies 9th Val         
2005 - Co-owner, Pershin, Russia's largest manufacturer of kvass
2007 - Britain’s main suspect, Aleksandr Litvinenko case
2007 - Joins Liberal Democratic Party of Russia

Today we will talk about the Litvinenko affair. Exactly one year ago, November 23, 2006, Aleksandr Litvinenko, former FSB officer and a friend of run-away oligarch Boris Berezovsky, died in London, after three agonizing weeks. The autopsy showed the death was caused by radioactive poisoning. Later, the British Crown Prosecution Service named Litvinenko's partner, businessman Andrey Lugovoy as the prime suspect and requested his extradition to London. But the Russian Constitution forbids extradition, and this ex-security officer, businessman, and political freshman is still living in Moscow and even running for Parliament in the upcoming State Duma election. Andrey Lugovoy is our guest today.