Andrey Lugovoy, former KGB officer

1965 - Born in Moscow
1987 - Graduates, Moscow College for Commanders of the Supreme Soviet of Russia
1987 - Joins KGB 9-th Directorate
1992 - Transferred to Federal Protection Service
1997 - Head of Security, ORT television company, Moscow
2001 - Head and co-owner, group of companies 9th val         
2005 - Co-owner, Pershin, Russia's largest manufacturer of kvass

The case of the former KGB officer Aleksandr Litvinenko, who died in London last year of poisoning with polonium 210, made the headlines not only in England and Russia, but across the world. Who could’ve killed Mr. Litvinenko? And who may benefit from the ex-KGB officer’s death? To answer these questions in our studio is another former KGB officer who knew Aleksandr Litvinenko long ago and met him shortly before his death Mr. Andrey Lugovoy.