Andrey Klimov, State Duma Deputy and the Head of the Sub-Committee on European Co-operation

Andrey Klimov
State Duma Deputy
Head, Sub-Committee on European Co-operation
1954 - Born in Perm
1978 - Graduates, Perm State University
1981 - Lecturer, Perm State University
1990 - Deputy, Perm Regional Council of People’s Deputies and member of Regional Council Presidium
1994 - Deputy, Legislative Assembly of Perm Region and Head of Regional Policy and External Relations Committee
1998 - President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Komi-Permyatsky Autonomous District
1998 - Director, Inter-Industrial Institute of Regional Research
1999 to 2003 - State Duma Deputy, Deputy Chairman of Regions of Russia group, member of Federal Affairs and Regional Policy Committee in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Head of Sub-Committee on Socioeconomic Development of the Regions and Inter-Regional Communications
2003 - Head, Sub-Committee on Regional Policy Development and Inter-Regional Affairs
2005 - Member, Committee on International Affairs
2005 - Head, Sub-Committee on European Co-operation
Andrey Klimov has been a State Duma deputy since 1999. Today, he is also a member of the Committee on International Affairs, the Head of the Sub-Committee on European Co-operation and also the Deputy Chairman of the political faction 'United Russia'. After graduating from the Economics Department of Perm State University, he went on to complete a postgraduate degree at the Scientific Research Institute of Economics in Moscow. He also received a PhD in Economics from the same institute. Professor Klimov is the head of the economics chair at Perm State University. He has also written more than 40 scientific publications.
The biannual Russia-EU Summit starts in the town of Samara on Friday. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is holding talks with the German Chancellor and holder of the EU presidency, Angela Merkel, during the weekend. In the words of a senior EU official the mood could be 'grumpy'. The EU Trade Commissioner, Peter Mandelson, said last month that Russia-EU ties had reached a level of misunderstanding or even mistrust not seen since the end of the Cold War. However, President Putin recently said he saw no conflict of interests, only a difference of opinion. Will a compromise be reached at the upcoming summit? A State Duma Deputy and the Head of the Sub-Committee on European Co-operation, Andrey Klimov, is on Spotlight to tell us more