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Anatoly Kucherena, one of the top Russian lawyers

1960 - Born in Myndra, near Chisinau
1991 - Graduates, Moscow Juridical Institute (currently Moscow State Juridical Academy)
1993 - Becomes a lawyer
1995 - Founder and head, one of the first law firms under the Moscow city bar
2001 - Head, barrister and notary department, Moscow State Juridical Academy
2006 - Chairman, Public Chamber Commission on public control over activity of law enforcement bodies, power agencies and reform of the judicial-legal system

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has taken into consideration the case "Pankratov against Latvia". Ruslan Pankratov, a Russian Latvian, is contesting the Latvian law which obliges all non-Lettish names to be spelled Lettish way. So, according to this law Ruslan Pankratov has to become Ruslans Pankratovs. We will discuss this case today with our guest in the studio, one of the top Russian lawyers - Anatoly Kucherena.