An end of US supremacy?

Parag Khanna, Senior Research Fellow, American Strategy Programme, New America Foundation

1977 - Born in Kanpur, India
1999 - Graduates, school of foreign service, Georgetown University
2005 - Receives masters degree, Georgetown Security Studies Programme
2006 - Senior research fellow, American Strategy Programme, New America Foundation
2007 - Geopolitical adviser to the U.S. special operations forces in Iraq and Afghanistan
2008 - Publishes first book, The Second World: Empires And Influence In THE new global order

Dmitry Trenin, Director, Carnegie Moscow Centre

1955 - Born in Moscow
1972 - Joins Russian army
1977 - Graduates, Military Institute, Moscow
1978 - Liaison officer, external relations, group of Soviet forces, Germany
1983 - Senior lecturer, Military Institute, Moscow
1984 - Receives PHD, Institute of U.S. and Canadian Studies, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow
1985 - Staff member, USSR delegation to U.S.-Soviet nuclear and space arms talks in Geneva
1993 - Senior research fellow, NATO Defence College, Rome
1993 - Senior research fellow, Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences
1993 - Joins Carnegie Moscow Centre
2008 - Director, Carnegie Moscow Centre

Our guest today claims that the unipolar, U.S. dominated, world order is over and what he calls “the new Middle Ages” have already begun.

What caused the fall of the U.S. hegemony, if it really has taken place? What does the coming age mean for Russia and for the rest of the world?

We’ll be discussing these questions with the author of the above-cited contention, Parag Khanna, and political scientist Dmitry Trenin.