Aleksey Chistyakov, scientist

1965 - Born in Moscow
1987 - Graduates, department of engineering geology, Moscow State University
1987 - Research scientist, Moscow State University
1991 - Research scientist, Institute of Geo-ecology, Russian Academy of Sciences
1994 - Receives PhD in geology and mineralogy, Moscow State University
1995 - Starts research, International Institute of Outer Space Survey and Earth Science, the Netherlands
1997 - Senior research scientist, Russian Academy of Sciences
1998 - Post doctorate researcher, Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands
2000 – Geo-scientific software engineer, Dutch geological survey, the Netherlands

A Russian scientist, geologist Aleksey Chistyakov, who went to work in the Netherlands back in the '90s, sent us a letter and suggested that we discuss the problem of the brain drain and how to attract Russian scientists back to Russia. Today Mr Chistyakov is the guest in our studio.