Aleksandr Mikhailov, Major General, Head, Interdepartmental and Informational Activities Department, Russian Federal Drug Control Service

1950 - Born in Moscow
1977 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1974 - Holds various posts at security services
1989 - Chairman, first KGB press service
1993 - Chairman, public relations department, Federal Security Service
1996 - First deputy chief, information and analysis directorate, Federal Security Service
1998 - Information department head, Interior Ministry of Russia
2003 - Head, interdepartmental and informational activities department, Russian Federal Drug Control Service

The Russian Parliament is considering a draft law on the compulsory treatment of drug addicts, through court rulings. But how efficient will this system be and is it a violation of human rights?  Aleksandr Mikhailov, the Head of the Interdepartmental and Informational Activities Department at the Russian Federal Drug Control Service, is on Spotlight to tell us more.