Aleksandr Bessmertnykh, a former Soviet Foreign Minister

Aleksandr Bessmertnykh

Soviet Foreign Minister, 1991
Soviet Ambassador to the United States, 1990
Chairman, World Council of Former Foreign Ministers
President, Foreign Policy Association
1933 - Born in Siberia
1951 - Graduates, Moscow State Institute of International Relations
1955 - Attaché, Soviet Foreign Ministry
1957 - Receives Ph.D. in International Law and Political Science, Moscow State Institute of International Relations
1970 - Counselor, Minister Counselor, Soviet Embassy, Washington D.C.
1986 - Deputy Foreign Minister and then First Deputy Foreign Minister, Soviet Foreign Ministry
1990 - Soviet Ambassador to the United States
1991 - Foreign Minister of Russia
1991 - Member, Security and Defence Council of Russia
One of Russia's most distinguished diplomats and intellectuals, Aleksandr Bessmertnykh was the last Foreign Minister of a superpower. As a close comrade-in-arms of Mikhail Gorbachev, he was deeply involved in shaping Russian diplomacy, as well as politics. Dr. Bessmertnykh was born in Siberia. He received a Ph.D in international law and political science from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He is widely known and respected for having sound judgment, being open minded and for having a deep knowledge of Russian and world affairs. He is currently in charge of a powerful "think tank", dealing with global and domestic policies. Dr. Bessmertnykh is also a full member of the Academy of Political and Social Sciences of the Russian Federation, an Academician and Vice-President of the International Academy of Creative Endeavours, the co-chairman of the British-Russian ‘Windsor Forum’ and the President of the International Foundation of Restoration and Development of the Chechen State University. He has written many articles on diplomacy, strategic and military matters, and the political situation in Russia.
The Russian Foreign Ministry has published a report on the country's foreign policy. The paper is an overview of the international state of affairs, which has been put together by Russian legislators, scholars, political scientists and public organizations. How does Russia see the new architecture of security? And by what principles should the country conduct its foreign policy? Aleksandr Bessmertnykh, a former Soviet Foreign Minister, is on Spotlight to tell us more.