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Abkhazia and South Ossetia: Pandora's box?

Vladimir Medinsky, State Duma Deputy, Professor, Moscow State University of Foreign Relations

1970 - Born in Ukraine
1992 - Graduates, Moscow State Institute of International Relations
1992 - Founds corporation Ya public relations company
1992 - Manages department of information policy, Ministry of Internal Revenue
1994 - PhD, Moscow State University of Foreign Relations
1994 - Professor, Moscow State University of Foreign Relations
1998 - Advisor to tax police director, Moscow
1999 - State advisor, tax service, Moscow
1999 - Head, election headquarters, Fatherland - All Russia bloc
1999 - Head, executive committee, Moscow city organisation, United Russia Party
2003 - State Duma deputy, Moscow
2004 - Deputy chairman, Central Executive Committee, United Russia party
2006 - President, Russian Public Relations Association, Moscow

Konstantin Remchukov, Editor-in-chief, Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper

1954 - Born in Rostov region
1978 - Graduates, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
1978 - Serves in the navy
1983 - Receives his PhD, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
1983 - Joins Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia as an assistant professor, than as a professor
1986 - Intern, University of Pennsylvania
1996 - Head, Department of Macroeconomic Regulation and Planning, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia
1997 - Senior Vice President, information and analytical centre NOVOKOM
1999 - State Duma Deputy
2000 - Head, Higher Scientific Council, Basic Element holding company
2001 - Chairman, Public Council on Russia’s Accession to WTO
2003 - Advisor to the Russian Minister of Economic Development
2005 - Editor-in-chief, Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper
2005 - Head, Executive Committee, Bolshoi Theatre Board of Trustees

The consequences of Russia’s recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia come under the microscope in today’s programme. President Medvedev says the military conflict in South Ossetia has killed any hope of peaceful co-existence between Ossetians, Abkhazians and Georgians within one country.

But Georgia’s allies in the West condemned Russia’s decision. We’ll consider two opposing points of view on the issue. Our guests are politician and academic Vladimir Medinsky and journalist Konstantin Remchukov.