A traveller's guide to Russia

Neil McGowan, Tour Operator to Russia and Managing Director of British travel company "The Russia Experience Ltd"

1959 - Born in London, England
1981 - Graduates, London University (Royal Holloway College)
1982 - Receives his postgraduate certificate of education, London University (Institute of Education)
1982 - Music teacher, Cumberland School, East London
1984 - Assistant to Director of Productions, English National Opera, London
1986 - Touring Productions Director, English National Opera, London
1988 - USSR and Germany tour leader, EF educational tours, Boston, USA
1990 - Director, one Europe Travel ltd, London
1994 - Managing Director, the Russia Experience ltd, London

Russia with its long history, rich and diverse nature, one of the most glamorous capitals in the world, still doesn’t top the list of tourist destinations. What attracts tourists more in other countries and do the old stereotypes get in the way of Russia becoming the number one travel destination? To answer these questions, we’ve invited to our studio Neil McGowan, a British man who has worked in the Russian Tourism industry since 1988.