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A new dawn in Russia-U.S. relations?

Strobe Talbott, Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State (1994 – 2001) and President of the Brookings Institution

1946 - Born in Dayton, Ohio
1968 - Graduates, Yale University
1971 - Receives Master’s Degree, Oxford University
1971 - Eastern Europe correspondent, Time Magazine
1974 - State Department correspondent
1975 - White House correspondent during Ford Administration
1977 - Diplomatic correspondent, Time Magazine
1984 - Washington bureau chief, Time Magazine
1989 - Editor-at-large and foreign affairs columnist, Time Magazine
1993 - Ambassador-at-large and Special Advisor to Secretary of State on New Independent States
1994 - Deputy Secretary of State
2001 - Director, Yale Centre for the Study of Globalisation, Yale University
2002 - President, Brookings Institution

Today we are talking about the relations between Russia and the U.S. Are these countries on a collision course or there is still common ground for cooperation? Will the new leaders of the two countries ease the tension? To answer these questions, our guest today is the former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State President of the Brookings Institution, Strobe Talbott.