King of bling: Kostroma’s jewel citizenship

Russia`s jewelry capital, the city of Kostroma, is home to both large jewelry factories and individual craftsmen, who produce the finest jewels in the country.

Gold, diamonds, rubies and just about any other precious and semi-precious stone you can imagine go into work there.

Locals say it is hard to get the exact figures, but with a degree of confidence they assert that every fourth jewelry product in Russia comes from Kostroma.

There is a rich history behind the local jewelry industry with some schools teaching their students how to craft for over a hundred years. Teachers say their graduates never have problems with finding a job as jewelry factories are thriving.

Some fear the large industry threatens talented individuals, but successful local independent jeweler Grigory Vlasov does not see industry as a rival.

He says handcraftsmanship and mass production can coexist, because they are two different things.