RT America - August 9, 2018

Yemen: Saudi-led Airstrikes Hit School Bus, Killing Children

In Yemen, US-backed coalition airstrikes on a school bus killed and injured scores of civilians, mostly children. RT America’s Dan Cohen has this story.

Haley Says Venezuela’s President Maduro Must Go

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has paid a visit to Colombia, where she announced the United States will now provide additional aid to refugees from neighboring Venezuela. Haley wasn’t merely interested in humanitarian work, she also used to opportunity to call for regime change in the country. Her comments came just days following a failed assassination attempt targeting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Washington has yet to denounce the botched plot. RT America’s Anya Parampil has the latest developments.

$3.9 Billion Mega-Merger Dead, Tribune Now Suing Sinclair

The $3.9 billion Tribune-Sinclair media mega merger is dead and Tribune is suing Sinclair for a breach of contract. In July FCC Chairman Ajit Pai sent the plan to an administrative judge, a move many saw as its death knell. For more on this major media fallout we go to legal and media analyst, Lionel.