RT America - August 7, 2018

Twitter Suspensions Causing Outrage  

The Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute, Daniel McAdams, had his Twitter account suspended on Monday. The suspension caused outrage leading New York Times best-selling author Tom Woods to tweet “Executive director of the Ron Paul Institute @DanielLMcAdams has been suspended by Twitter, as has @ScottHortonShow (you can see their tweets, but they can't tweet). Maybe someday there could be a major platform that just lets people talk, and doesn't try to be your mother?” Daniel McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity joins us and weighs in.

US-Backed Coalition In Yemen Allying With Al-Qaeda

Since 2015, Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates with assistance from The United States have been waging a devastating war on Yemen. The United Nations has called the war the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe, and a new investigation suggests that the American coalition has been working with Al-Qaeda, the group behind 9/11. RT’s Dan Cohen reports.

Secret Talks Advance Afghan US Peace Process

Peace talks between the US and the Taliban have been taking place secretly since November. Former US Army Colonel Chris Kolenda and former US Ambassador Robin Raphel have been speaking with their Taliban counterparts in a series of meetings that have taken place in Doha, Qatar. Former US Army paratrooper and Afghanistan and Iraq war veteran Will Griffin joins us for the details.