RT America - July 19, 2018

Tariffs: US filed lawsuits against allies

The United States filed claims with the World Trade Organization against Canada, Mexico, China, the European Union and Turkey. The lawsuits are meant to challenge retaliatory tariffs against the country. President Trump has repeatedly threatened to remove the US from the WTO. For more on this, RT America’s Holland Cooke discusses with Commissioner Bart Chilton host of Boom Bust.

Is America divided? New poll reveals different visions

According to a recent poll called “One Country two radically different narratives” reveals major differences in the way republicans and democrats view the trajectory of this country. For more on this, republican grassroots strategist, Scottie Nell Hughes and civil rights attorney and radio host Robert Patillo joins RT America’s Holland Cooke to discuss.

Prince Harry Visits Injured Rugby Players
England’s Prince Harry visited injured former rugby players at an event put on by the Injured Players Foundation charity. During the visit, the Duke of Sussex met with organizers as well as participating in various sporting activities with the former players. RT America’s Steve Christakos reports.