RT America - July 17, 2018

Media, Republicans Slam Trump Over Summit
The mainstream media has had a field day with President Trump and Putin's meeting in Helsinki. For his part Trump remained firm saying President Putin was strong and criticized the media for not focusing on important issues. Putin also responded on Fox News saying before his election the Russian government did not put any special focus on Trump. RT America’s Anya Parampil from Helsinki.

Syrian Liberation: Militants Evacuated After Deal Reached

Armed rebels and their families are being evacuated from the southern Syrian city of daraa. The evacuations began Sunday after rebels in the city were bombarded by Syrian government forces. The Russian military brokered a ceasefire deal allowing for the evacuation. An uprising began seven years ago in the city of Daraa. For more on this we go to former pentagon official Michael Maloof.

MLB All-Star Game Comes to Washington
Washington DC is abuzz and for once it’s not about politics. This city long starved for baseball is now hosting the major league All-Star Game, with the historic Homerun Derby taking place at Nationals Park last night ahead of the big game. RT America’s Steve Christakos reports.