RT America - July 9, 2018

Brexit Fallout: Boris Johnson Quits
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson quit today, firing off a scathing critique of the handling of the British exit from the European Union. RT America’s Anya Parampil breaks down the resignation and the future of Brexit with former UK Member of Parliament, George Galloway.

Trade War: China Levies Tarrifs on US in Retaliation 

The US and China are officially in a trade war, as the US has formally imposed a 25% tariff on a laundry list of Chinese products but china has got plans of their own in retaliation.  RT America’s Anya Parampil analyzes the tariffs and their impact with Manila Chan and Bart Chilton, host of Boom Bust.

World Wife-Carrying Competition Crowns New Champion

In Finland the 23rd Annual World Wife Carrying Competition took place, with a Lithuanian couple stealing the top prize from the current six-time world champion Finnish couple. Russia’s underdog run came to an end as they were eliminated from the World Cup by Croatia, on penalty kicks, 4-3. In Spain, five were injured at the annual running of the bulls event. RT America’s Steve Christakos reports.