News with Ed - June 28, 2018

Trump-Putin Finland Summit set for July  

U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet for the first time summit on July 16 in Helsinki, Finland. The two leaders will discuss the current relations and the prospects for their further development as well as international issues. The announcement came one day after the US National  Security Adviser John Bolt met with Russian’s president.

North Korea Upgrading Nuclear Facility Following Peace Summit

Satellite images may indicate North Korea is upgrading a nuclear research center in the country. The move comes after North Korea's committed to a denuclearization on the peninsula at a summit where Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump met earlier this month. RT America’s Manila Chan is joined by Jon Rainwater, executive director of Peace Action Education Fund.

NSA Using AT&T to Spy on Americans
According to The Intercept the National Security Agency is using internet data processing centers run by AT&T to spy on Americans, many of the facilities are located in several major US cities.  RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports.