RT America - June 19, 2018

Cancer Patient vs. Monsanto case underway inside California courtroom
Agricultural giant Monsanto's Roundup product is at the center of a case taking place inside a California courtroom. The key ingredient in Roundup is a known carcinogen and now, 46 year old Dewayne Johnson, currently diagnosed with terminal cancer, is taking the company to court. He is blaming Roundup for his diagnosis, following his use of the product between 2012 and 2015. Fred Kaufman, author of Bet The Farm: How Food Stopped Being Food joins RT America’s Natasha Sweatte to discuss the case.

Game of Chicken: US vs China on tariffs
A trade war looms between the United States and China as President Trump announced plans to impose an additional $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods in response to the tariffs imposed by China in retaliation to tariffs initially imposed by the US. RT America’s Manila Chan reports.

CIA Engineer Facing 13 Criminal Charges For Classified Leaks
A former CIA computer engineer has been charged in federal court with leaking classified information to WikiLeaks. Joshua Schulte faces 13 charges including theft of government property - and lying to government officials. This leak is being called the largest leak of classified information in the CIA’s history. RT America’s Ashlee Banks reports.