RT America - June 15, 2018

Trade war escalating: China matches US tariffs

The Trump administration has announced new tariffs targeting $50 billion worth of Chinese imports this morning slated to go into effect on July 6. Beijing was quick to promise retaliation. According to the South China post, the nation’s commerce ministry said on Friday, "We call on all countries to take joint actions, resolutely put an end to this outdated and regressive behavior and firmly defend the common interests of humankind.” RT America’s Anya Parampil and Bart Chilton (host of Boom Bust) discuss.

US restores White Helmets funding

The US plans to resume support for the White Helmets rescue group despite their alleged ties to jihadists. Moscow and Damascus have, on multiple occasions, drawn the international public's attention to the fact that the White Helmets have been spotted working with terrorist groups. RT’s Yulia Shapovalova reports.

Iran and the World Cup: Politics and sports collide

Days before Iran and Morocco competed to advance in the World Cup, Trump imposed Iranian sanctions caused Nike to pull sponsorship of the national team’s athletic gear. RT America’s Steve Christakos headed to a watch party in Washington DC, where spirited fans of the team gathered to cheer on their nation and show a different side of Iran.