RT America - June 4, 2018

US interferes in other country’s elections, Clapper admits

Allegations of Russian meddling in US political affairs continue to dominate headlines on the mainstream media but in a twist of irony, a top US intelligence official recently admitted the US has a long track record of interference in affairs of countries around the world. RT’s Dan Cohen reports.

Joy Reid, Roseanne and a tale of two reactions
Friday Joy Reid apologized for offensive posts made on her blog in the late 2000s. The MSNBC commentator said she deeply regrets and is embarrassed by things she wrote and apologized for what she called collateral damage and the pain she has caused. Meanwhile ABC instantly fired Roseanne Barr following a racist tweet. Why the difference in approach? Media analyst Lionel joins RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss.

World Cup not just about sports, says Russian Ambassador

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is less than 10 days away. Fans are gearing up for this historic event as the games will be hosted by Russia for the first time.  RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports from UN headquarters in New York.